Mainstream Media Hatchet Job

What do you expect from the mainstream human media? If the answer is not a lot then you won’t be disappointed in this review of the film Firehouse Dog.

Firehouse Dog is a weepy canine comedy about a fractious 12-year-old boy and his lonely father whose grievances are healed by a stray dog. Rex is a pampered Irish terrier and top-grossing Hollywood star. When an aircraft stunt goes wrong the pooch literally drops into a run-down inner-city fire station manned by a shabby team facing imminent redundancy.

Todd Holland’s film manipulates the prickly issues with scant regard for emotional credibility. The sentimentality is ghastly, but Rex has his moments.

The guy gives it two stars out of five. What do you expect from a British film critic anyway. My advice to Mr. Christopher is to buy a case of greenies and work on improving his teeth.


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