Puppy 911

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the show Nanny 911. If you haven’t, it’s a show where parents learn the basics of child rearing from a professional nanny. Most of these folks have difficulty tying their shoes let alone trying to raise children. Well, here is a heart warming story about Archie and his job of helping children as well…

But Murphy, 51, Casa Pacifica’s director of operations and development, had watched dogs work magic with children before. A former private-school teacher, she once raised a puppy in her classroom. If dogs could teach privileged children about responsibility and nurturing, Murphy thought, maybe they could help kids whose human role models had failed them utterly.

It still amazes me that humans are surprised that dogs work magic with kids. I’ll be honest, doing magic tricks for kids is easy. Half the time they’re in a sugar coma and don’t even see you palming the card in your paw. The other half, they spend crying because I just stole their lollipop.


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