Book ‘Em Pumpkin

July 21 | 1 Comment

Just because you walk upright and have opposable thumbs doesn’t make you bright. Read this if you need proof.

It’s a bad idea to burglarize a place marked “K-9 training facility.”

Police dog handlers arriving Wednesday at the abandoned nursing home where they hold training sessions discovered two men and a woman dismantling the building’s copper pipes and wiring, Hall County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kiley Sargent said.
When the officers arrived, the three dropped their tools and ran. That was their second mistake.

“For anyone to try to run from a whole unit of canines, it’s just a no-win situation,” Sargent said.

Needless to say, our dog heroes apprehended the suspects, with one lucky enough to have a taste of a burglar ass sandwich. Some dogs have all the luck.


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