Great Danes Are Cowards

August 2 | 1 Comment

When you hear people talking about Great Danes you’d think they were the greatest thing since sliced bacon strips. The following story shows you that maybe they’re not so great after all.

A Memphis, Tenn., man is in critical condition Wednesday after his dog shot him in the back.

Police say King George, a 150-pound Great Dane, accidentally knocked a .22-caliber pistol off his owner’s end table around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. The gun went off, hitting his 21-year-old owner in the back…

If it were me I would have challenged the owner to a duel rather than shooting him in the back like a cowardly dane.


One Response to “Great Danes Are Cowards”

  1. A R on December 3rd, 2011 11:37 am

    The Great Dane did not mean to. It was an unfortunate accident. Great Dane’s are very loyal and sweet. It is true that they’re scared of little things like frogs and mini watermelons, but they do a great job protecting your house, because, well lets just say i could hear my Great Dane barking from a couple hundred feet away. They aren’t too aggressive, but will attack if necessary. Please do not bully the Great Dane. If you say that they are bad dogs, you have either met one that was mistreated, never met one at all (in which case SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!!), or just stupid.

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