Finding Mushrooms Magically

August 4 | 1 Comment

Another canine helps to clean up America of its seedy side.

[State Trooper Mark] Weiner watched Houle roll through a stop sign at Willow and State streets, without using his directional signal, and followed him east up State Street with his flashing lights on.

Lando [the police dog] alerted police to the presence of drugs beneath the center console, which had been rigged to lift up. Hidden inside was a container with a bag of bulk marijuana and 8 smaller bags of marijuana for sale, Weiner said.

There was also a plastic bag of mushrooms.

No doubt Lando continues to use the experience he gained in college to sniff out the bad guys.

With a name like Weiner, it does make one wonder whether Lando is a daschund.


One Response to “Finding Mushrooms Magically”

  1. Anonymous on August 4th, 2008 8:13 pm

    hope that cop gets run over by a moped

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