No More Ruff Times

There are some humans who are not only rich but thoughtful as well.

Peanuts, Teddy, and Charlie Chan are living the (good) dogs’ life, even though their mistress has gone to her eternal rest.

… [pioneering Bridgeport lawyer Helen F.] Krause, who left the majority of her estate to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, also stipulated that $600,000 be set aside in a trust fund to cover the dogs’ proper care.

Six hundred grand is nice and all, but imagine the taxes you have to pay on that. By my calculation the government is going to take at least one hundred and fifty thousand pepperoni sticks from the mouths of Peanut, Teddy and Chuck. That’s unconscionable. I’m urging all canines reading this to vote Libertarian in the next election to keep this from happening in the future.


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