Chow Yun Fat

Chunky canines are getting help but they may be ruining it for all of us.

One of the world’s first anti-obesity drugs for dogs is now available and believed to be the ideal solution for overfed canines.

Yes this article appears to be good news for all of us dogs but in reality it isn’t. Why is it bad? Two things: the first is that owners will focus on the tricks of the trade we love to employ to separate them from their food. The first shot across the bow is in the article:

“Often, they [dog owners] cannot resist those pleading eyes and it takes a lot of determination on the part of the owners to refrain from giving in.”

The second is how it affects our daily strolls of message checking.

[PDSA's Elaine Pendlebury] added that owners of obese dogs should take their pets for more walks and, in extreme cases, radically alter their diets.

Good advice, but you know if people think they can solve a problem with a pill they will. Kiss your walks goodbye, my fluffy friend.

Besides, what’s wrong with a beautiful golden retriever with a little junk in the trunk? That’s right, nuthin’.


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