Macey’s Day Parade

August 12 | 1 Comment

Reason #1921 why it’s better to be a male dog rather than a doggess.

A Great Dane dog [Macey] in Manchester has given birth to 16 puppies after a grueling 20 hours in labor, leaving her owners perplexed over what to do with the vast litter.

I hope they have health insurance. Can you imagine the cost of putting these pups through obedience school?

We found out that she was pregnant through the vets. They said they could feel four puppies. Then she had a litter of 16. Our reaction was one of shock and horror really. She had four within hours and they just kept coming. We were stunned. Macey is perfectly fine and healthy and so are the pups. They are just starting to walk around and play with each other. It’s lovely.

Just a quick thought, these folks may want to change veterinarians.

After the 7th puppy was delivered, what did the vet tell the owners? “Wow that was a few more than I expected.”

What about after the 10th? “This is a miracle! I can’t believe I only felt 4 pups and she had ten in there!”

And after the 13th? “Uhm, I think that should be it.”

And after the 16th Pup was delivered? “To be honest with you, I’m not really a vet. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”


One Response to “Macey’s Day Parade”

  1. Suzanne on September 22nd, 2007 2:15 pm

    This is a true gem here!  I love this Bo!  Some vets amaze me too.  Especially my dogs and birds vet!  Usually you hear about dogs not wanting to go to the vet, but my dogs run once out the car the the door of our vets office.  The bird, he starts getting all excited when we pull in the parking lot!

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