Smarter Than Your Average Bear

We canines continue to surprise the bipeds that rule this planet.

They are man’s best friends, and now dogs have surprised boffins by showing that they are capable of advanced reasoning as much as human toddlers.

I know that boffins sounds just a little bit dirty but its how Brits refer to scientists (and they said this blog was not educational!).

OK, so what would you rather have?


  • Poops and pees in his/her own pants
  • Needs to be hand fed special food
  • Can’t be left in a cage
  • Can’t out reason a canine


  • Poops and pees outside, by itself
  • Eats anything you give it; from kibbles to left over spinach
  • Will protect you from danger
  • Is universally recognized as your best friend

Don’t act a fool, use your reasoning skills and choose the dog already.


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