Ice Ice Baby

August 20 | 1 Comment

Here’s an article on tips for keeping dogs cool.

The five suggestions are:

  1. Sunscreen for pets
  2. Offer a lot of water
  3. Work up slowly to working out
  4. Consider shaving
  5. Rinse and dry after swimming

OK, you’re going to have to help me understand how number four makes it on the list. How is shaving going to help me be cool? I like my five o’clock shadow, and besides, when I wear my Don Johnson white suit with it, I look damn cool. Frankly, shaving would just make my upper lip look too big…and dorky.


One Response to “Ice Ice Baby”

  1. Casey and Belle on September 22nd, 2007 2:10 pm

    Ok, so when you have as much fur as we do, and the South Texas weather confuses our shed cycle, shaving makes us so happy!!!  We especially love having our underside shaved to a 1 gaurd.  The cool grass and few patches of dirt in the yard feels so good on our tummies.  As for the rest of our bods, mom usually uses a 4 or 5 gaurd.  Right after we shave we look pretty funny, but we can't help but run all over the house and yard and roll in the grass.  With all that thick fur out of the way we can actually feel the grass.  Our mom thought the grommers were crazy the first time they did it, but we have loved it ever since and each summer mom shaves us down.  She tries to keep our tummies trimmed year round.  You ought to try at least the tummy one. 
    Your Collie pair in Texas, Casey and Belle

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