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New technologies targeting the canine crew threaten our freedom. Big Brother is watching us.

The Global Pet Finder collar is GPS enabled, but it is smaller and works with a different premise: If you have an escape-artist dog who always gets out of the yard, this is an everyday tool to help you find it. You buy the collar for about $300 and then pay a $20 monthly fee to have Web and cell phone tracking access to your dog’s location.

If it gets lost, you can enter your information online and the site tells you exactly where the dog is. Also, you can set up alerts to inform you when the dogs run away from home. You initially use the GPS device to set up a perimeter around the house. If the dog strays from the property, you get a text message on your phone alerting you of the escape. Next year the company is coming out with a new version that’s 50 percent smaller and is more durable.

My right to privacy is being violated. Where’s the ACLU (Animal Civil Liberties Union) on this important issue?


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  1. harley-dog on September 28th, 2007 11:46 am

    let's see,dog escapes 3 times a week,you have to leave work 3 times,lose wages 3 times,finally get fired…oh yeah,30 cents for text msgs….seems like good idea

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