Peeping Parents

August 23 | 1 Comment

More invasion of privacy issues are raised in this article than you can shake a stick at.

Ever wonder what your pets do when they are home alone?

Jamie Skeate did more than just wonder. The 27-year-old from St. Cloud, Minn., and her husband videotaped her dogs, Bosco, a Great Dane, and Lily, a greyhound.

“Sometimes we would come home and their toys would be all over the house, and my husband and I would joke that it looked like they had had a party,” she says.

Three-year-old Bosco weighs almost 130 pounds and 5-year-old Lily weighs more than 60 pounds – more than enough to get into trouble when their owners are not home.

What if Bosco had one of the local girls over for a little bit fun? Where’s his guarantee that the video wouldn’t be posted on YouTube for the world to see?


One Response to “Peeping Parents”

  1. harley-dog on October 2nd, 2007 3:50 pm

    dog using credit cards…ha,ha,ha…future in comedy that one! empty chip bags and hamburger bun bags.hmmm,she believes the dogs might have been the culprits?..forget the enforcement career for sure! 

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