Card Me, Please!

Bo McLovin

What will they think of next? First they hassle young kids old enough to fight for this country by not allowing them to drink. Now they want to impose their will by carding us poor canines before allowing us to have a good meal in public.

Chicago restaurants have grown accustomed to demanding IDs to screen out underage drinkers. They’ll soon have a new headache on their hands: “carding” dogs that accompany their owners to sidewalk cafes.

The carding is not associated with drinking but with making sure we’re up to date on our vaccinations.

The ordinance, scheduled to take effect Jan. 1 if the full Council goes along, states that “only dogs bearing a rabies vaccination tag or other proof of rabies vaccinations shall be permitted” in establishments that agree to buy the two-year, $250 license.

I urge all of you to visit my new website, for all your identification needs.


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