Three Sides Live

Here’s a great article on how three labradors help out on rescue missions. I guess specialization isn’t only happening in the medical field.

“We had limited amount of room to manoeuvre[sic] down there. So the first dog, Flash, a brown golden retriever, goes in and searches and we send another dog, Fancy, a yellow Lab, to back it up to make sure if the first dog finds anything, it’s correct. It’s really to get a reassurance by the next dog. That’s how we do all our searches,” she explained.

The third dog Spirit, another yellow Lab, has a different speciality. It is in human remains.

The following line struck me as bothersome…

The three dogs Fancy, Flash and Spirit, who were lowered into the hell hole at Arch Cot Terrace, Brittons X Road, St Michael, as part of the rescue mission early Monday morning, are not your ordinary dogs.

Lowered into a hell hole? Holy crap, I didn’t even think the portal was open. I better start behaving a little better and keep my eye out for heaven’s gate.


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