Looking For Trouble

I’m looking for Trouble and willing to marry it. Why you ask? Well you see, Trouble is a maltese and the beneficiary of a $12MM inheritance from The Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley.

Leona Helmsley’s decision to leave $12 million to her dog so it could live out its life in luxury proved once and for all that she was not one of the little people.

Personally, leaving a large sum of money is the least a dog owner could do. Let’s face it, they wouldn’t have gotten as far in this world if it wasn’t for us supporting them while they moved up the company/social ladder.

The story goes on to say:

Helmsley, a hotel and real estate magnate who died Aug. 20 at age 87, decreed that the vast bulk of her multibillion-dollar estate would go to charity, not to her family, although she made individual gifts of $5 million to $10 million to several relatives.

She also expressly stiffed two grandchildren with whom she had feuded, saying in her will that they would get nothing, “for reasons that are known to them.”

Although not stated in the article, or the will, the main reason the grandkids received nothing was that they refused to fetch sticks when Leona threw them.


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