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A close call for a couple of friends:

BRANFORD – No one was injured in a fire that destroyed a caretaker’s apartment at the U-Store-It storage facility on Cedar Street Wednesday night, including two dogs saved by firefighters’ quick work and some specially made canine oxygen masks.

The masks were donated to the Fire Department two years ago by a Norwalk-based chain of pet boarding centers.

The man who lived in the apartment was able to get out, and firefighters were able to rescue two dogs, Pepe said.

The man was able to get out but the dogs needed to be rescued? Hello, anyone in this article seem just a little too self involved?

The animal oxygen masks, donated by Best Friends Pet Care, “were very useful,” Pepe said.

Apparently not chosen for this rescue was Bubble Boy’s Low Flow Animal Oxygen Mask which has “Not Very Useful” stamped right on the front.

Deb Bennetts, who works at Best Friends Pet Care’s Norwalk headquarters and is in charge of the “Cause for Paws” program, which has supplied more than 350 resuscitation mask sets to more than 100 fire departments across the nation so far, said she was glad to see that they had done some good in Branford. She said community members who contributed to buy the masks in Branford and other communities also would be pleased to know it.

The masks, which come in three sizes, currently cost $55 per three-mask set, she said. Best Friends generally matches contributions from pet lovers in the various communities, she said.

I wonder whether these masks are as cumbersome as my sleep apnea cpap machine ?

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