Whattsa Matta Foh You?

September 26 | Hmmm...No Comments Yet

What are the chances this will last? Statistics say fiddy-fiddy.grey2.jpg

Cynthia Klopfer threw a fairy tale wedding at her house for canine brides and grooms.

Klopfer, 37, hosted a “celebration of canine love and commitment,” this year’s theme for a local reunion of people who have adopted dogs through the Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue. Two of Klopfer’s dogs, Isabelle and Buddy, were married. The bride wore a silk dress and the groom wore a bow tie.

Italian Greyhounds? Who was the best dog at this wedding, Rovah bag a donuts?

Klopfer is a single marketing professional who works from home. She lives with seven dogs — a three-legged great Dane named Ernie; a retired racing greyhound named Milli; and five Italian greyhounds: Bocelli, Joey, Lily, Isabelle and Buddy.

Off the record, Klopfer maintains that the biggest problems she faces when first adopting an Italian greyhound is to get it to stop using its paws when it talks.

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