Just Do It – Swoosh

October 1 | 4 Comments

I’m fast, or used to be in my youth. Even with old age kicking in I feel the need to show bursts of speed now and again. The most recent opportunity occurred this pastdog boots weekend when I was fortunate enough to get a walk at my local park.

Wandering around minding my own business, I noticed a yellow lab eyeballing me from a distance. He was in my age group, in the 95-105 range. He moved lethargically as he approached me but he gave me a look that showed he still had some spark in that old body.

Indeed it did, for as our noses met, he says he wants to race me.

I say, no way you’ll hurt yourself.
He says that I’m scared of racing him.
I say, ok if you really want to race I will but let’s race for something.
He says milkbones. Twenty milkbones to be exact.
I say, no problem old man bring it on.
He says, ok but wait one second. So I did.

Next thing I know he pulls out these things I’ve never seen before. Turns out they’re called Bark’n BootsTM Grip TrexTM and he ties them on his paws.

He tells me he’s ready to race; to the bench with the bum sleeping on it and back.
I say let’s go. And we went.

Well, after forking over 20 milkbones, I’m begging my parents to buy me a pair of these cool boots. I tell them I need two pair since I have four paws. They say no…if anything they’ll purchase me some Doggles. I don’t want no stinkin’ glasses, I want some sneaks…or as a friend calls them, gym shoes.

They say they don’t know where to get them. I say just go to this website and order them.

I can’t wait until they come in the mail and I get a chance to win my twenty milkbones back.

P.S. My sister owns a pair of Doggles because she’s always sticking her head out the window of the car. They’re great for protecting her eyes from insects and flying rocks plus they’re awesome for her hobby in welding.


4 Responses to “Just Do It – Swoosh”

  1. pop on October 2nd, 2007 2:06 pm

    My ! I need these gym shoes too… my old age is striking me down but I wanna try to beat a young one too!!! but what if you can't stop yourself in time????

  2. Bo on October 2nd, 2007 8:15 pm

    Hey Pop…ask them for the puppy parachute accessory which you can use to slow you down. That's my plan, well that or doing a face plant into the dirt.


  3. Zeppelin on November 21st, 2007 10:40 am

    Hey there Bo…this is your most favoritest Z-Dog speaking.  I have just one thing to say to you, my seniorized friend: go ahead and bring on your snazzy new boots…but bring the 20 biscuits as well, because i'm going to win either way. and also…i prefer pupcorn to biscuits, fyi.

    And also, I'd like to add that you may want to consider borrowing your sister's doggles…on account of because you'll be needing some protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the DUST I'll be throwing in your FACE! 


    Happy Turkey Day, you old Buzzard.

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