One A Day

October 3 | 2 Comments

Here’s some news that I can use.

Nutritional supplements improve the memory, ability to learn, and cognitive function of old dogs, giving scientists a new approach to the neurodegeneration and cognitive decline common with aging in humans, as published in a recent study.

I currently take 5 peanut butter covered pills a day. Adding a few more would be welcomed by me.

In the current study, an inbred line of older beagle dogs were taught to find a food treat by identifying certain markers, such as a yellow peg. Applied scents on the markers to deter the dogs from using scent to find the food treats. Some dogs received the supplementation, while others did not. After 15 weeks, more than 80% of the supplemented dogs were successful, while only 50% of those not receiving supplements learned how to find the treat.

I’m a bit leery of the results due to the design of the study. Frankly, I’m surprised the result wasn’t 100% for both sets of dogs; they were searching for treats after all.

Had they tasked the dogs with finding their way out of a corn maze, then those results would have been impressive.


2 Responses to “One A Day”

  1. harley-dog on October 5th, 2007 4:22 pm

    yes,harley-dog agrees. and did they say inbred? well, if those doggies anything like my pal cletus then this whole study is a sham! cletus don't care what he eats as long as the vittles ain't movin'

  2. Trip on October 7th, 2007 8:37 am

    Trip-dog prefers cheese coated supplements and swears by them.  You know, like a ravioli only made with cheese.  Take two squares of cheese cinched together with the supplement in the middle.  "A cheese coated supplement a day keeps the doctor away."

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