Holland Days Sauce

October 13 | 1 Comment

As most of the regular readers here know, I always wanted to work in law enforcement. This article on two, green card carrying members of the University of Texas Policebodutch Department makes me more jealous than ever that I’m stuck patrolling the perimeter of my humble yard.

At the front lines of UT’s sometimes volatile crime scenes, two canines named Robby and Maatje trot, sniff for bombs and prepare to apprehend anyone who may pose a danger.

As recently as Monday, when a bomb threat was placed at the University Teaching Center, Robby was there, diligently smelling each and every classroom for one of 18 explosive odors he has been trained to seek. Robby, a 75-pound Belgian Malinois, found no bomb, and the building was eventually declared safe for classes to resume.

A little known fact that Maatje and Robby shared with me: the most dangerous bomb is the one his handler, Officer Jason Taylor, let’s loose in the patrol car.

Robby, a five-year veteran of UTPD, and Maatje, who has been with the department for two years, are both Belgian Malinois. They were born in Holland, where a large portion of police dogs are bred. In Europe, dogs are bred for utilitarian purposes as opposed to aesthetics, and instead of being honored for appearance – as in dog shows – they compete in skills-related competitions, Taylor said.

Yup these guys are imports. Are we to believe that dogs from Holland are doing jobs that U.S. dogs won’t do? Well read this…

Global Training Academy selects its dogs by looking for dogs that are receptive to working for rewards, Cindy Taylor said.

The reward for Robby is a red, hard-rubber chew toy called a Kong .

What!?! They work for rewards? Hello…newsflash…I’m willing to work for rewards. Who doesn’t love a peanut butter filled Kong…besides my mother? Nobody, that’s who.

Well at least I don’t have a Dutch boy haircut, anymore.


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  1. harley-dog on October 18th, 2007 8:51 am

    little known fact: life expectancy for a Belgian Malinois in Texas….2.3yrs.

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