Aldo Nova

I’ve heard of kidnapping humans in Colombia but didn’t realize it had progressed to the canine set. kidnap

BOGOTA (Reuters) – A kidnapped Colombian dog held for $350,000 (170,600 pound) ransom was recovered on Friday after his abductors dropped him off at a veterinarian’s office, saying he needed a bath.

Think about how badly this dog [Aldo de Fescal] must have smelled to force the abductors to drop him off at the vets. Yeah, pretty stinky!

If I were an advisor of the kidnappers, which I am not, I would recommend sprinkling a little Optima 365 on the captive’s food to keep the dog’s coat fresh and non-stinky. This product gets a big paws up from my sister Copper. It is highly effective on body odor. On her farting? Not so much.

To me it’s surprising Aldo even needed a bath. I mean, if you’re being held for $350,000 ransom, I’m thinking your poop doesn’t even stink.


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