Reading Railroad Continues On

We continue to help the little kids around the country by listening to them read to us. I have a question, “Why do humans get books on tape but we’re forced to listen to kids read children’s books?”

LITITZ, Pa – Lititz kindergartner Mara Hessler is just learning how to read. Furry golden retriever Dixie doesn’t know how to read at all.

What do you mean Dixie can’t read? Retrievers are one of the smartest breeds out there. I should know, I have a bunch of retriever blood flowing through my veins…and look at me, not only can I read, but I can write as well.

I can only surmise that Dixie never had the opportunity to learn to read, forced instead to retrieve fuzzy, yellow balls at a young age. An age best served in school. It can be a cold, cruel world sometimes.

Tammy, a Shetland sheepdog looks a lot like Lassie, with long, flowing white, caramel and brown fur. She’s much smaller and has an intellectual glint in her eye, as if she really understands what Kissel Hill second-grader Riley Groff is reading to her.

That intellectual glint in the sheepdog’s eye? It’s saying, “Let today be the day the kid reads me some Tolstoy or Nietzsche.” Unless these authors wrote about seeing Spot run, I’m thinking Tammy will be out of luck. Again.

If I were to become a therapy dog, you know what kind I’d like to be? That’s right, an aroma therapy dog. The reasons are too numerous and obvious to mention here.


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