Our predictive powers are amazing as evidenced by this article on earthquakes. Earthquake!

Monica Richards’ dog, Shadow, refused to go for a walk in San Jose 15 minutes before Tuesday night’s quake.

“Earthquakes come in waves and the smaller waves are probably something the animals can feel before they reach a magnitude that humans feel,” said Beth Ward, director of animal and customer care at Humane Society Silicon Valley. “At least that’s the theory.”

If animals can feel these short waves, why can’t humans? …and is Shadow afraid of herself?

Animals are also “much more sensitive than people – their sense of hearing, vision and smell,” she said.

…not to mention our feelings. You may find this hard to believe but I’m a very sensitive canine. Take last night for instance, I decided to poop on the deck outside because, well I had to go. Of course my mother yelled at me, as if I had just eaten her last bon bon. What she didn’t take the time to do was to look at the poo and notice its message, I had ‘written’ I love you. My feelings are still hurt that she did not return my love.

Richards said her dog had never refused to go for a walk before.

And now I refuse to show my love for my mother ever again…at least in the brown art form.


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