A Tail of Two Dogs

November 8 | 2 Comments

Big and small, not Biggie Smalls, is how I would describe the canines in this article . Great Dane and Not So Great Chihuaha

Despite their radical difference in size, these two dogs have something in common – Gibson the Great Dane and Boo Boo the toy Chihuahua are both world record holders.

Measuring a whopping 107cm, gentle giant Gibson was named tallest dog back in 2004. Joining him in the hall of fame for 2007 is tiny Boo Boo who only measures 10.16cm tall and is smaller than Gibson’s head.

If you’re not good at the metric system and need centimeters converted to inches let me help you. Hold it…let me get my calculator…OK, got it…that makes Gibson very big and Boo Boo very small.

The tiny mutt [Boo Boo] was only about the size of a thumb when she was born; so small, in fact, that she had to be fed with an eye dropper every two hours before she could eventually nurse a bottle.

I think I’d start wearing lifts in my Bark N Boots if I were a dog this size. Come to think of it, maybe I should do it anyway. It would certainly boost me over the two foot mark and everyone knows the ladies love tall dogs. Don’t believe me? Then how do you explain the popularity of these dogs: Andre the Giant Schnauzer, Harrier Munster and the ever popular Shaquille O’Nealoplitan Mastiff?

So is the tall one wasting his time on earth? Heck no!

The Great Dane [Gibson] is also the world’s tallest therapy dog and regularly visits children’s hospitals.

Gibson says he loves kids; they taste like chicken. Really, they do.

Alright, before I get deluged with hate mail, let me clarify…they taste like chicken when you lick them not when you bite them. Sheesh, people are so politically correct these days.

Anyway, you may remember that it was Gibson who lead all players on his obedience school basketball team, the Fighting K-9s, in scoring and rebounding. It was the same year Boo Boo was head barkleader of the cheering team.

Little known, but true facts you won’t find anywhere else.


2 Responses to “A Tail of Two Dogs”

  1. Carol Goering on November 11th, 2007 10:20 am

    That picture is something. What a difference in size between the two dogs. I can't imagine having a dog that big since I am a small dog owner.

  2. Coogan on November 11th, 2007 12:09 pm

    Gibson is HUGE! If you look at the picture, he's even bigger than the
    White House.


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