If I Did It

The latest human testing techniques hit the canine community. Apparently they’re now focusing on using DNA technology to help identify us. It Don't Fit!

Dogs … can now be traced using new DNA technology being issued to local councils, the NSW government says.

Humans indicate they will only use DNA testing to identify dogs that have been involved in attacks. However, what’s to keep them from going a step further, like using it to ID the poor canine who swipes some goodies from the coffee table or nibbles on the antique leg of a piece of furniture? Hmmm?

Although this appears to be troublesome do keep in mind that DNA evidence isn’t perfect. Just look at the O.J., he got off scot free even with overwhelming DNA evidence against him.

Words of advice…carry a pair of bark n’ boots around with you, make sure they’re extra small, and drop it at the crime scene. For we all know, if it does not fit, they must acquit.


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