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I’m speechless.

I was cruising the net looking for some canine goodness when I found a picture of this whippet. The officialI must break you! name of the breed is bully whippet and it will kick your butt. I like names that have a ring of truth in them, it’s like truth in advertising. You think we’ll ever get to the point in our society when we can call cats … stupid cats?

So how many steroids you think this dog is on? The real answer is none. You see there is a genetic mutation that makes these dogs prone to muscle gain. Unfortunately the only genetic mutation I have makes me prone to narcolepsy.

Anyway, I think this guy kicked sand in my face once, stealing the cute border collie I was chatting up away from me. Stupid bully.

Let’s play a little game, shall we?

If I was a baseball player I would be named Barry.

If I was a governor I would be named Arnold.

If I was a talk show host I would be called Rosie.

If I was a super hero I would be called Hulk

But if I was a Christmas present, what would I be called?


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