Slippery When Wet

This article leaves me speechless.Wanna Wrestle?

BREMERTON, Wash. (AP) – A 25-year-old woman was arrested for investigation of second-degree assault for getting into an argument with her boyfriend over whether his dog should be in the bathroom while the couple were taking a shower together.

Before I judge, I need to know the reason Fido was allowed in the bathroom. If it was to drop a duece in the bowl then there’s really nothing wrong here. Some dogs can’t hold it as long as others, and this man may just have been looking out for his best friend’s bowel movement.

The police report said the woman punched him in the face several times and the man dislocated his shoulder after the naked couple grappled. He told police his girlfriend threw a picture frame, which broke and cut him.

Why do I get a mental image of two Shar-Peis fighting naked in a trailer park?


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