I'm a 1 HandicapSnakes are amateurs.

BRISBANE, Australia – A snake was saved by surgery in Australia after mistaking four golf balls for a meal of chicken eggs, a veterinarian said Wednesday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made mistakes too when looking for stuff to eat; most notably mistaking my mother’s chicken with turkey jerky. But I have never mistaken a sporting goods item with food…unless you count my father’s softball glove. Hey, that’s cowhide so it’s technically ok.

A couple had placed the balls in their chicken coup in New South Wales state to encourage their hen to nest, the Australian Associated Press reported.

Interesting…can you imagine how big the eggs would have been if they put four volleyballs in there.

The balls disappeared, and the couple found a lumpy-looking carpet python nearby.

I’m glad I’m not their dog. Who’s knows what they would have done when they saw a lumpy-looking, carpet lying canine nearby.

They took the 32-inch nonvenomous snake to the nearby Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where senior veterinarian Michael Pyne operated to remove the balls from the snake’s intestine.

I’m sure the snake has enough issues of its own without the world having to know it’s nonvenomous. The media has no shame.


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