Red, 27, Hut, Hut, Hike!

A rescue worthy of the late 70′s show Emergency!. Just Don't Take Off

DIFF the dog – left stranded on a south-east Queensland mountain – has been rescued in a tricky hour-long descent.

Diff, a bull mastiff, had already spent two nights on Mount Maroon, near the town of Rathdowney, after slipping down the cliff during a New Year’s Eve bushwalk with two men, aged 24 and 30.

Bushwalk? More like a bush league maneuver by the owners for leaving him there, if you ask me.

Authorities began searching for the men when they failed to return early on Tuesday and found them yesterday afternoon.

But Diff had to be left behind, as poor conditions made it unsafe for a rescue helicopter to retrieve him.

Would they have left a baby behind? I didn’t think so.

A rescue attempt earlier today was abandoned in strong winds and rain.

But late today, experienced climber Mark Gamble came to the rescue, successfully bringing a harnessed Diff down the mountain in a one-hour operation.

What was a bull mastiff doing hiking on a treacherous mountain anyway? You don’t see Rosie O’Donnell or Louie Anderson trying to climb Pike’s Peak. Why? Because they’re fat and would probably slip, ending up trapped on a ledge, that’s why.

A short time ago Diff’s owner, David Gibson said: “This is fantastic. I was relieved to have got off the mountain alive but having the dog back is fantastic.

“He probably saved our lives out there on the last night. He’s a fantastic dog.

“He is in good health and we’re going to take him to the vet now just to have him checked over.

“I got him into trouble and I’m just so relieved to have him back.”

Anyone notice that Diff saved his owner’s life but the favor wasn’t returned? Humans, they’re so into themselves.


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