Dudley Didn’t Do Right

January 13 | 2 Comments

OK…sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due, even if it is to a human. Here’s the story of a true heroin.Dudleys Just Don't Do Right

[Katie] Kiracofe crawled across a frozen pond Thursday, dragging a canoe, to rescue her dog, Dudley, who had fallen through a hole in the ice. After struggling to lift Dudley into the canoe, Kiracofe placed her own jacket over him and waited almost an hour for squads to come to her rescue.
“We stayed fairly warm, or warm-ish,” Kiracofe said Thursday evening after she and Dudley had gotten a chance to recover by the fire.
The incident began when Kiracofe’s aunt, who had been in a hot tub on the Kiracofes’ back porch, saw Dudley run across the backyard pond and fall through the ice.

So why did Dudley take off? Well, let’s just say that Kiracofe’s aunt may, just may, have the same body build as Kathy Bates in the movie About Schmidt. If you saw that up close and personal, you’d run with wild abandon too, but that’s still no excuse. Dudley didn’t do right by himself or his canine brotherhood.

Her aunt alerted Kiracofe, who wasn’t sure what to do.

“I was immediately in panic mode,” she said.

I think what put her aunt in a panic was this thought in her head, “Should I save Dudley or should I continue to lay here naked and relax? Dudley or relax? Oh, what should I do?”

It was the niece that came to the rescue.

[Katie's] first strategy was to break through the ice with shovels in order to canoe out, but she was unable to break the ice.

“I crawled on the ice and shoved the canoe along with me,” she said.

When she got to the place where Dudley was, she crawled into the canoe and made her way to the front, then pulled the almost 90-pound dog in with her.

Clearly the allusion to Dudley weighing only 90 lbs soaking wet, is to put him in his place as beta dog in this family. In personal discussions I’ve had with him, he guaranteed me he’s over 100lbs and very muscular.

Which left the pair with a new dilemma.

“I was thinking, ‘OK, this is good. Now how do I get back?’” she said.

By that time, her parents had joined her aunt and uncle at the shoreline, about 60 feet away. They attempted to throw a rope out to her, but it didn’t help.

Meanwhile, Kiracofe was in the canoe with her wet shoes off and only a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants on.

Her parents eventually were able to get a coat and extra pair of gloves out to the boat with the use of a rope, but attempts to haul the canoe in were unsuccessful.

Finally, the family opted to call emergency personnel.

Utica and Newton Township fire personnel arrived at the scene and were able to haul in the canoe.

“The guys went out there and got her,” Utica EMS Chief Mike Evans said. “(It was) just a matter of getting the right (equipment) here.”

By Thursday evening, Kiracofe and Dudley were back to normal.

“I’ve already posted pictures on Facebook,” she said.

Great. Just great. As soon as a human saves a canine it’s all over the internets. However, when it’s the other way around, you never see us posting on Dogster do ya? Nope. Just here, on your favorite dog blog,


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