Million Poop March

It seems the folks in the UK are trying to clean up the streets. To that end they will be providing one million free poop scoop bags to dog owners. A Million Dog Owners - Waiting For Poopie Bags

One million free “poop scoop” bags are being handed out to dog owners in East Durham in a bid to combat dog fouling.Easington District Council is giving away the bags to remind owners to take their responsibility to clean up after their pets seriously.

‘No excuse’

As part of the campaign residents are also being urged to report incidents of dog mess.

Councillor George Patterson, executive member for liveability, said: “Our environmental and street wardens are constantly on the lookout for people flouting the law so I would urge residents to pick up their share of free bags and make sure they use them.”

The Brits are very proper, so I’m going to say it since apparently they’re afraid to. It’s not a dog mess or dog fouling; it’s called poop, poo, chocolate sauce, black banana, doodie, kaka, lumpy fart, stanley steamer, etc. You get the point. Don’t be shy, just bark it out loud.

Under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, anyone failing to clean up after their pet could face a £50 fixed penalty fine or even a court appearance, with a possible fine of up to £1,000.

£1,000? Wow! Imagine the size of that dump.


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