Aye Uma Thurman

This story should take the human race down one peg. Final Answer?

When scientists found out that chimps had better memories than students, there were unkind comments about the calibre of the human competition they faced.

But now an ape has gone one better, trouncing British memory champion Ben Pridmore.

Ayumu, a seven-year-old male brought up in captivity in Japan, did three times as well as Mr Pridmore at a computer game which involved remembering the position of numbers on a screen.

When the numbers were shown for just a fifth of a second – the blink of an eye – Ayumu got it right almost 90 per cent of the time.

His human opponent scored a rather less impressive 33 per cent, Channel Five programme Extraordinary Animals will reveal.

Prior to losing this computer memory game to Ayumu, Mr Pridmore also lost in games of Candy Land, Tiddly Winks and Go Fish. He was last heard saying, “You sunk my Battleship!!” to Ayumu. With typical monkee fanfare, the response was a scratch of the armpit and , “Uhhh Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhhh!”

Maybe a worthy competitor, like me, would have been more telling. I wasn’t asked but I would have been too busy to compete anyway, what with sleep, blogging and sleep taking up all my time.

It is thought that young chimps are blessed with photographic memories, allowing them to remember patterns and sequences with amazing accuracy.

Sure that may help them on standardized tests, but it’s what you do with the knowledge in your head that’s important. Last time I checked was nowhere to be found.


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