Whoa, Nelly!

Horsemeat. It just ain’t for Chinese buffets anymore.

AKRON, Mich. – Kristen DeGroat just wanted to sell her horse [Foxy] to another animal lover, but her ad ended up under “Good Things to Eat” in the classifiedAn Attack Horse!! sections of two newspapers. About a third of the 60 or so calls she received were from people interested in buying horse meat.

A typical call sounded like this, “Foxy, we’d love to have you for dinner this evening. Are you available?” They would get no response. You see, Foxy was raised on a farm and wasn’t taught the rules of etiquette. That, and the fact she doesn’t talk.

“It’s been enough to turn your stomach,” said DeGroat, who eventually sold her 3-year-old mare, Foxy, to a man who wanted a live horse for his grandchildren.

DeGroat’s ad, offering the registered pinto for $200 or the best offer, was intended to run Sunday and Monday under the classified ad heading for horses and stables in The Saginaw News and The Bay City Times.

Two hundred dollars for a horse? Is it me or does that sound really cheap. I mean you have to pay at least five hundred dollars for a dumb beagle. Smart ones cost quite a bit more since they’re so rare. But then again, they did mention Foxy was a pinto. Maybe she’s a hazard and explodes if you hit her in the behind.

I don’t claim to know, but I bet she tastes good.


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