Prozac Dog Nation

January 28 | 2 Comments

Here’s a really depressing story, not because an animal was treated cruelly, but for what it says about the world we canines live in. Anybody Got A Gun?

The makers of Prozac have launched their first ever antidepressant for dogs, a once-a-day chewable tablet flavoured with beef.

Huh? Beef flavored treats? Nobody said this drug was coming in a Flintstone vitamin delivery method. I’m starting to feel a bit anxious (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

The product, known as Reconcile, received approval from the Federal Drugs Administration in the United States today for use on dogs suffering from separation anxiety from being left alone for long periods.

Eli Lilly, which makes the new drug, says that more than 10 million US dogs exhibit strange symptoms from being left alone too long.

Strange symptoms such as sleeping all day, begging for food all night and leaving the dirty dishes in the sink unwashed.

“Lilly research shows that 10.7 million, or up to 17 per cent, of US dogs suffer from separation anxiety,” said Steve Connell, Lilly’s manager of consumer services for companion animal health.

“We’re thrilled that our first product for dogs can help restore the human-pet bond.”

“We will make a boat load of money off of humanity’s disregard for its best friend,” he said. Quickly adding, “Please don’t print that.”

He said that in field studies of around 600 dogs, 73 per cent of dogs taking Reconcile and undergoing therapy showed better behaviour within eight weeks, compared to dogs receiving therapy alone.

Therapy? You mean even after taking the pill you have to sit on a couch with a Dr. Phil wannabe and listen to them bloviate about how bad you are? Well, if they let you on the couch, I guess it can’t be all bad.

In Britain, research among pet-owners carried out for Sainsbury’s Bank in 2003 indicated that 632,000 dogs and cats had suffered from depression in the previous year.

Nearly three times as many pets had suffered from behavioural problems that which could be linked to depression, often resulting in the animal damaging its home or becoming moody or aggressive, according to the research.

Symptoms included attacking furniture, reported by an estimated 1.86 million owners; moodiness, suffered by 1.8 million cats and dogs; loss of appetite linked to stress or emotional problems, 922,000; and incontinence, reported to affect an estimated 803,000 pets.

Eli Lilly warned however that Reconcile had shown side effects in a small minority of dogs, including anorexia, vomiting, diarrhoea, barking and fits.

Take Reconcile and a canine may stop peeing in the house and attacking the furniture as well as alleviating some emotional problems. In return, the dog could begin sticking its paw down its throat after eating, poop chocolate pudding in the house and start to have uncontrollable hissy fits.

You say it comes in beef flavor? That’s not a bad trade off.


2 Responses to “Prozac Dog Nation”

  1. maureen on January 31st, 2008 9:03 pm

    It’s so sad that we would want to pass along all our bad habits by giving a dog a pill instead of the attention and exercise they need

  2. Bo on February 2nd, 2008 8:48 pm

    Mo, can I call you Mo?
    You are 100% correct. Humans are passing along all their bad habits to us poor canines. Let me tell you, it’s not only pills that are getting passed down to us. Nope…this past year I’ve noticed my mother starting to give me low fat dog food. Yeah, I know. Next week I go in for a tummy tuck and that’s after I have botox shot into my wrinkly forehead.

    I have to go now. My mother is ready to put cucumbers on my face.


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