Signs Of The Time

I guess the only reason a story like this makes it into the paper is to further the case against the dangers of pit bulls. That’s my take anyway. You can judge for yourself.If Only Polar Bears Could Read . . .

Brandon Sheffield has one loyal dog.

The 24-year-old was speeding along North Lagoon Drive early Saturday morning, according to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy M. Clayton clocked Sheffield at 65 mph in the 35 mph zone and attempted a traffic stop. Clayton said Sheffield accelerated and “attempted to make an evasive turn,” but instead lost control, hit a curve and stopped.

Sheffield, Clayton said, stepped from the vehicle.

The small yellow, diamond shaped car sign says, “Idiot On Board

“I opened my driver side door and instructed driver to remain in the car,” Clayton wrote. “As I was giving the driver instructions, a grey pit bulldog exited the car and approached my location.”

The large yellow, diamond shaped road sign says “Dangerous Canine Ahead“.

Clayton asked Sheffield to control the dog, but it walked away.

The white, rectangular warning sign says “$50 Fine for Jaywalking

Sheffield was cuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car for felony fleeing and attempting to elude.

“As I was speaking with Mr. Sheffield with the back door of the patrol car open, the dog again approached my location,” Clayton wrote.

The orange, rectangular caution sign says “Blasting Zone Ahead

“Mr. Sheffield called the dog and the dog jumped into the back seat with him. Based on my training and experience with pit bulldogs, I did not attempt to remove the dog until animal control arrived.”

The signpost on the highway of life says, “Slow…Cop At Play


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