70 Miles To Graceland

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Wow…what an amazing story.Look Ma, I have no body (it's camoflagued)

IRAQ — Their friendship began half way across the world in Iraq, when St. Petersburg native Major Brian Dennis encountered a mixed breed dog in Anbar Province. The dog had been savagely abused and his ears cut off.
The marine decided to call him Nubbs.

Nubbs? That’s like calling Captain Hook…uhmm…Captain Hook. At least he wasn’t named Shep Spot…you know…two first names just like his owner.

In e-mails to his mother, Marsha Cargo in Tierra Verde, Major Dennis wrote how he was “dumbfounded” when he learned Nubbs’ ears were cut off purposely by an Iraqi to make him tough and more alert.

Any dog will tell you floppy ears, although cute, only serve to provide a safe haven to extremist bacteria. Once the ears were cut off and put on a key chain, Nubbs never had a single ear infection. Now, Muhammed’s Veterinary and Culinary Clinic has one less patient.

Four months passed, and the bond between man and his four legged friend grew. Nubbs, was dealt severe blows in his short life, including being stabbed by a screwdriver. The major shared his distress with mother.

“He tried sleeping with him that night because it was 18 degree temperature and he was afraid he was not going to live through the night. So out of his back pack, he took Neosporin and covered the wound,” Cargo said.

That’s what I’m talking about…one paw scratching the other’s back.

Major Dennis nursed Nubbs back to health…and here is where this friendship takes a remarkable turn: Major Dennis was ordered to move his squadron 70 miles away. He complied.

His mother shared her son’s surprise of a lifetime, “Two days later he was out there working on a vehicle in the front yard and all of a sudden here comes Nubbs. He had tracked Brian 70 miles across the desert in 18 degree temperature while being wounded.”

Despite strict rules, Major Dennis wrote to his mother, he had to help this dog. “I won’t even address the gauntlet. He had to run off a pack of dogs, wolves and god knows what else to get here…when he arrived he looked like he had been through a war zone,” Dennis wrote.

It looked like he went through a war zone because, well, he did. Who knows how much small arms fire he had to suppress, how many rpgs he had to avoid, and how many Osama Bin Ladens he had to pee on just to see his friend again?

Weeks went by, and Nubbs was dealt another blow, “Someone told on them that they had the dog and they had 4 days to get rid of him or Nubbs was going to be shot,” Cargo said.

Is it me or does Nubbs have a dark cloud over his head? Somebody get this dog a warm blanket, a Kong and a date with Uno the Beagle already.

That’s when the Marine made it his mission to get Nubbs to safety. He wrote, “Nubbs was going to America, this dog had been through a lifetime of fighting war, abuse, and had tracked our team over 70 miles of harsh desert (and) was going to live the good life.”
But, in keeping with the rest of this story, the duo defied the odds. Major Dennis was able to get Nubbs into Jordan. A family here in The U.S. will take care of him there until these friends can be reunited.High School Reunion

A reunion that will, no doubt, be an adventure of some sort. I look forward to it.


A happy reunion takes place in the States.


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  1. Kathy Wislon-Kentucky on January 21st, 2009 12:43 pm

    How could someone cut the ears off of an animal! That freak should have his ears and afew other things cut off and see how the hell he likes it. Aninmals are God’s living creatures also and I firmly believe that if you mistreat one that you will have to answer to Him for that.
    Atleast Nubbs found a friend. It’s just awesome that he traveled 70 miles in search for Major Dennis, what a dog. I am so happy that Nubbs is now in the USA and can live his life out in peace and comfort, he deserves that.

    Way to go Nubbs and God Bless Major Dennis for taking the time to befriend him.

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