Blood Money

I’ve decided to pimp myself out. No, not in the stud type of way or the clothing type of way, but in selling my words for money. You see there’s this website called PayPerPost where they will actually pay people to blog on certain topics.

Now before you get your fuzzy panties in a bunch and call me a sellout, let me lay out the ground rules. After all, I do have integrity, well some anyway. Here’s the plan:

  • I will continue to blog on all things dog
  • Any blog item for which I am getting paid for will be noted as such.
  • Any money I make doing this, will be donated to a canine charity.
  • I will create a tracking page so you can see how much is to be donated.
  • At certain intervals throughout the year, I will ask you to vote on what canine cause our donation should go to.
  • If this sucks then I’ll stop doing it.

If that isn’t a win, win, win, win (me, you, and a dog named Boo plus PayPerPost) I don’t know what is.

If you’re a blogger and want to get paid too, click the upper right hand picture in this post.

Cha ching…we just added $20 to our charity of choice by this one posting alone.


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