Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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You Rang For More Blood?You know I’m not afraid of anything besides needles and blood. That’s why the following story impresses me so.

HOWELL, MICH. – He’s donated blood 20 times and is being honoured by the Livingston County chapter of the American Red Cross.Not bad for a 200-pound, 2-year-old English mastiff who answers to the name Lurch. He’ll receive the chapter’s “Pet’s Best Friend” award at the Thursday event in Howell.

He’ll also receive the coveted Golden Vampire for “Best Giver” in the Budget Blood category.

“We’re doing something different this year,” executive director Diane Serra said. “We’re honouring Lurch because he’s actually donated blood.”

Lurch’s owner, Joni Melvin-Thiede of Gregory, said he donates blood about once every four weeks. He started out an emergency veterinary clinic in Chicago where Ms. Melvin-Thiede worked until moving to Michigan a year ago.

This story isn’t coagulating the way it should for me. Something’s amiss. You think Melvin-Thiede (or is it just Thiede and he goes by Joni Melvin) is donating Lurch’s blood for money? C’mon, once every four weeks? That’s practically one donation a month.

“The blood itself goes to a lot of places like (Michigan State University) and goes to certain clinics,” Ms. Melvin-Thiede told the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus. “You really don’t end up knowing which dogs he helps, but his little picture goes on each bag so the person that gets it will actually know it.”

I knew something was amiss. She just said that the person getting his blood will know it’s his because his picture is on the bag! Shouldn’t this be used for…uhhh…canines?

Besides being co-operative with nurses, Lurch is also friendly with his housemates: four pugs, seven cats and the occasional litter of kittens. There’s also an American mastiff named Lucas, who teams with Lurch to eat about 200 pounds of food per month.

I bet Lurch is co-operative with the nurses. All those big dogs are.

“We started rescuing pugs 12 years ago at the emergency clinic when pugs would come in, and then kind of got connected with pug rescue, and a lot of them just don’t leave,” said Ms. Melvin-Thiede, who also breeds ragdoll cats.

That’s a pug for you, a freeloader.

“Mastiffs are just like 200-pound pugs. They’re just as friendly and just as goofy except they have a couple more zeroes at the end of the weight.”

I must say that recently I needed blood, and although it wasn’t Lurch’s face on the bag, I took great comfort in seeing Thing’s hand there.


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  1. Luckeyboy from Doggyspaces on June 12th, 2008 12:43 pm

    WOW I didn’t know dogs gave blood! Ekkkkkkk wonder why they don’t have signs up like at the human hospitals?? hmmm very strange my vet must have a big supply on hand. Now I am very curious about this subject. Great Story!!

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