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Before I’m willing to accept the results of any surveys, I need to see the questions, sampling methodology and treats used to entice the responses. Since the following story doesn’t provide this, I’m skeptical of the results provided.Richard-I know the #1 Answer is “In A Bowl"

A distinct lack of ‘pet-iquette’ is leaving pet owners red faced says PDSA!

It’s usual for your children to embarrass you at inopportune moments by saying or doing something, usually in public, that makes you want to crawl under the nearest rock! However, according to leading veterinary charity, PDSA, our pets are leaving us equally red faced when we least expect it. The charity for pets in need of vets has surveyed pet owners* to compile a list of ‘pet-iquette’ moments that have left owners more than a little lost for words! Around one in eight pet owners had embarrassing pet stories to share**.

You think pet-iquette is a problem? What about ‘hu-maniquette’? In my personal survey I found one in two dogs had an embarrassing human story to share.

The anonymous survey, in which pet owners lifted the lid on their most embarrassing pet stories, found that a pet’s natural bodily functions give owners the most cause for humiliation, with calls of nature (29%) and vomiting (5%) top of the list.

Equally embarrassing antics include pets mounting other people, animals breaking wind, either loudly or melodiously in public, and pets being a little too familiar when checking out friends and family!

My survey found several causes leading to pet humiliation with the top three being; throwing good food away (97%), speaking in an irritating baby voice (85%) and failing to sniff a pet’s butt when first meeting it (74%).

“However, it’s important to stress that in some cases medical problems could be the reason for ‘paw’ behaviour.

Indeed, this is true of humans too. In fact, it has been shown that most exhibiting this type of disturbing behavior are sick in the head.


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