Dogs for McCain

February 24 | 3 Comments

The New Seal for The President of the United StatesI hate to get all political on you, but sometimes when you believe in a cause, or candidate, it needs to be howled from the rooftop to the moon. My hot button issue? Well, just take a read

[John McCain], the Arizona senator beats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hands down when it comes to the number of potential first pets.

McCain possesses a menagerie. He has four dogs, including Lucy and Desi…He also has a cat, a parakeet and a shoal of fish, including one called Lucky, and once owned a ferret and an iguana named Henry, who turned out to be Henrietta and laid an egg.

Four dogs? I didn’t know he was that well qualified to be president. But read on, this is where it gets distrubing.

The Obamas do not own a pet, though they have two photogenic daughters, Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6, who have been promised a puppy should they move into the White House.

Is there anything more you need to know about this candidate? Promising a puppy to little girls to motivate them to campaign for you? That’s like when I’m promised I’ll get to lick the dinner plate. Oh sure, don’t beg, be patient. That’s what they’ll tell me. Next thing you know, the old man is licking the plate clean himself. If I’m lucky I get a crappy milkbone.

Don’t believe it little girls. You ain’t getting that puppy.

Socks the cat was a star of the Clinton years, but should Hillary’s fortunes revive she is unlike to take back the elderly family pet that she dumped on her husband’s White House secretary when his presidency ended.

Not good if you’re courting the cat vote, but it’s not like they’re paying attention anyway.

There is still Seamus, a chocolate labrador who replaced Buddy, the second dog owned by the Clintons to be run over.

…and this cost her the dog vote.
Makes one wonder; what did they know, and when did they know it?


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  1. Cara on June 16th, 2008 8:44 pm

    Hello all,
    The recently launched website is starting to take off!  The site sells political dog bandanas and is a running competition of how the dogs are voting in this election.  So far, Obama dogs are taking over!  Buy your bandanas now, and keep checking back for an interactive media map of how the dogs are swinging….

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  3. Cat in NJ on October 17th, 2008 1:12 pm Please read … short opinion … thank you! McCain & 24 pets in the White House ’08

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