It Takes Studs To Build Houses

February 28 | 1 Comment

I'm Sorry I'm All BookedPieces of advice, it’s like a nipple, we all have at least one. Today I bring you the question of studs and the advice from Jill Bowen of Roanoake’s Paws and Claws.

First, the question:

I have a lovely boxer male that I think would make a fantastic stud dog. How do I go about telling people about him? How much should I charge?

It’s as if my parents submitted this question about me, except that I’m not a boxer and I lost my…uhh…tools long ago. Let’s check the rest of the qualifications shall we. Am I:

  • Fantastic? – check
  • A Stud? – check
  • Worthy of bragging about? – check
  • An appreciating asset? – check

Here’s the advice from the expert:

There are one or two things you should consider before deciding to use your dog for stud purposes. First, while most intact male dogs’ personalities remain the same, some stud dogs become more difficult to handle, especially if there is a bitch in season in the area.

Let’s face it folks, if there’s a bitch in the area, who’s really proving themselves to be more difficult to handle?

Second, if you have children or elderly people in your home, stud dogs can become a little rambunctious, especially if they have not been used for stud for some time and may have a tendency to try to mount people.

A buddy of mine had this issue. I was at his house for a little play time and the next thing I know Huckleberry is riding grandpa around like a jockey on a horse. It was funny until grandpa broke his leg and we had to shoot him.

While I am sure your dog is a beautiful pet, most people who want to mate their pedigree boxer bitches look for a sire that is both well-bred and has proven itself in the show ring.

Ain’t that always the way, the pretty uppity ones being able to choose their ‘partners’. For them it’s not about looks – if it was, my dance card would be full – but about money, power, prestige…of which, I have none, none and none.

But one thing I like to remind them about, I do make for a great one night snuggle session.


One Response to “It Takes Studs To Build Houses”

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