Lilly The Kid

February 29 | 1 Comment

I'm Here For YouIf you can’t have your own, you adopt. So is the motto of one Billy the boxer.

A paternal dog has adopted an abandoned baby goat as his surrogate child.

I wonder what kind of hoops Billy had to jump through for this adoption. Was he on a long waiting list? Did he have to travel to foreign lands? Will he get a tax deduction? So many questions, so little time.

Billy the boxer has become the constant companion of the 12-day old kid called Lilly. He sleeps with the goat, licks her clean, and protects her from any dangers at Pennywell Farm wildlife centre at Buckfastleigh, near Totnes, Devon.

Hey, is this an adoption story or a mail order bride story?

The kid was abandoned by her mother when she was only a few hours old and adopted by paternal Billy when his owner Elizabeth Tozer began hand rearing the goat.

Hand rearing? I think that’s illegal in the U.S. and if it isn’t, it sounds like it should be.

The unusual bond has developed over the last month and the pair are now inseparable.

Elizabeth said: “Lilly follows Billy around which is really quite amusing to watch and Billy sleeps with the goat and cleans her mouth after she feeds.”

They’re inseparable now, but wait until Lilly becomes a teenager.

It is a wonderful story and highlights that we all can get along. Except, of course, with cats.


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  1. Kathy Wilson-Kentucky on January 21st, 2009 9:35 am

    There are people who honestly beleive that animals are dumb and not capable of expressing emotion, but this shows how they need love and are capable of giving love and nurturing. I am a long time dog lover and have seen the vast emotions a dog can express. There is nothing like the love of a dog.

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