Queen of Sheba

LShakespeare Bores Meooks like there’s another genius dog out there, although this one isn’t as proficient in the written word as I am. But hey, who is?

(KUSA-TV) – Sheba can tell you there are three sides to a triangle. She can tell you the square root of 36 is 6. And she can tell you how many colors are on a stop light. If you not impressed yet, consider this. Sheba is a dog.

Bob Whissen is convinced his dog is smarter than your dog.

“I don’t think there’s an animal on this earth which can rival her intelligence,” he boasted.

He may be right.

No, he’s wrong. Don’t believe me? Just try searching for Sheba’s blog. You won’t find it, because she can’t write. That said, I will give her kudos for being able to answer some of the following questions correctly.

Can you tell us right now how many sides there are on a stop sign? Sheba can.

Can you tell us how many engines there are on a P-38? Sheba can.

Do you know where Matt Lauer was Wednesday morning? Sheba does.

I could tell you the answer to the first two questions, but not the third. Maybe Sheba is smarter than me after all!

Using her paw, Sheba pats on Whissen’s hand one, two, three or whatever number of times is appropriate, to answer Whissen’s questions.

Interesting technique…hmmm…maybe I’ll ask her owner if Sheba can tell me the value of Pi . That should take her out of the doggie genius spotlight for a while.


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