Pretty In Pink

Pinky TuscaderoWhat do these things have in common? Pinky Tuscedaro, the smallest appendage on your hand, and the woman that wants to get the party started. They all love pink…and so does the owner of Cici…but at least it’s for a good reason.

A Boulder salon owner is facing a $1,000 fine for dyeing her miniature poodle pink — and the woman said she plans to fight back.

Cici is a “breast-cancer awareness dog” who’s been showing off her pink coat for three years at Zing Salon , 1100 Spruce St., said Joy Douglas, who owns both the salon and the poodle.

“Cici is being stripped of her civic duty,” said Douglas, who is scheduled to face a judge in Boulder Municipal Court this morning in response to a March 1 citation. “And I don’t plan to take it sitting down.”

Apparently she doesn’t understand the city’s ‘sit’ command.

Officials at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley said Douglas was warned several times before an animal-control officer issued her the ticket for violating Section 6-1-14 ofBoulder’s city code, titled “Dyeing fowl and rabbits prohibited.”

I guess they only want healthy fowl…and if truth be told there are plenty of reasons rabbits are prohibited.

Douglas said she didn’t break that law, because she uses beet juice — and occasionally Kool-Aid — to “stain” Cici’s coat. She said she never has used chemicals, and her pooch never has had a reaction to the stain.

Dwight Schrute , co-owner of Schrute’s Beet Farm backs Ms. Douglas in this case, “Mose and I appreciate the business Zing Salon gives us. Our beets are harmless, as long as they are prepared in the correct way. The natural enemies of the beet are the cutworm and the aphid. They are horrible. They eat and infest beets. They are of Satan. Also of Satan are the people attacking poor Ms. Douglas.”

Boulder’s animal control officials said the regulation originally was passed to keep people from dyeing chicks and bunnies around Easter.
Despite Douglas’ assertions that she doesn’t use chemicals, [Lisa] Pedersen said officers must enforce the no-dye rule.”Regardless of what she used on the dog, the ordinance is in place and we are commissioned by the city to enforce those ordinances,” Pedersen said. “We are just doing our job.”

You know Ms. Pedersen, the german shepherds at Auschwitz were also just doing their job.

Three years ago, Douglas said, she bought Cici off an animal-adoption Web site frequented by celebrities. Cici was pegged for the purpose of promoting breast-cancer research.

I’m more of a leg dog than a breast one, but I still wish Douglas and Cici the best of luck.


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