Hair Of The Dog

Is that a milkbone in my sweater?What keeps us close to those that have passed through our lives and on to a better world? For most it’s the memories, or maybe a keepsake or picture but for couples like the Willis’ it’s something completely different.

Their beloved dogs may have gone to the great kennel in the sky, but for Beth and Brian Willis they will always be close. Because the couple have had his and hers jumpers knitted out of the hair moulted by the pedigree pets and spun into yarn.

That’s appalling! Nobody wears his and her jumpers anymore.

The idea to use the hair, which would otherwise have been vacuumed up and thrown out with the rubbish, came after dog breeders told the couple of the unusual use it could have.

Mrs Willis said: “It is not actually a hair but a wool, which is why it is so good for clothes.

The local sheep were ecstatic to hear the news, especially the ones with hippie tendencies (pssst…they like their hair long).

That first jumper was made in 1990, while Kara [her white Samoyed] was still alive. Although she died 12 years ago, the jumper made from her hair is still going strong.

And it probably looks fabulous with the polyester pants Mrs. Willis still wears.

Mr Willis, 73, who worked for a removals firm for 27 years, wears his doggy jumper every Saturday into town to do the weekly shop. He said: “They are extremely warm and pretty much waterproof. I’ve always got a sweat on by the time I get from the bus to the shops.”

He continued, “Besides, the local dogs love to sniff me up and down when I walk by. It’s kind of a tradition with them, although they don’t like it when I raise my leg and pee on them.”

It does make me wonder if I could make a sweater out of all the extra hair my father has growing out of his nose.


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