Spring Break

Woof Welcome WoofIt’s time for Spring Break and for me to sow my wild oats. But where to go, where to go? Why not to one of the top 20 most fun and exciting places to stay according to the London Times? Why not indeed.

Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed & breakfast guesthouse inside the World’s Biggest Beagle. Guests enter the body of the beagle from a private 2nd story deck. Some of the dog’s decorative furnishings are carvings by Dog Bark Park chainsaw artists Dennis & Frances. Inside and up another level to the head of the dog is a loft room with additional sleeping space plus a cozy alcove in the muzzle.

Ahh a cozy alcove in the muzzle…that’s where I hide acorns from my parents. Apparently other dogs use it to pamper humans.

Dog Bark Park is home to Toby and Sweet Willy, the World’s Two Biggest Beagles. Toby, a 12-foot tall beagle statue, was built by Dog Bark Park artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin.

Sweet Willy, officially known as Dog Bark Park Inn, is one of America’s latest additions to the type of roadside architecture popular in the early days of automobile vacation travel when travelers would often buy gas, eat meals or stay overnight in a building that looked like something else.

I believe that’s the same automobile vacation travel era that produced the Bates’ Motel. Yeah you can check in but you’ll never leave.

With the two big dogs signaling your arrival to Dog Bark Park, visitors may walk the grounds, browse the gift shop and artists’ studio featuring the whimsical chainsaw artwork of husband/wife artists Dennis and Frances.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want any 12 foot dogs signaling anything unless a flash flood warning has been given to those down stream.

Hmmm, maybe it’s best if I just stay home and sleep instead.


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