Conan The Peaceful Barbarian

This Conan Is No BarbarianWe all must find our own path. No, not just the one we walk down to pee and poop on, but the one to the big guy in the sky. To that end, I admire this little Chihuahua’s commitment to enlightenment.

The path to inner peace is long and arduous. But sitting on his hind legs, paws raised in reverence before the altar, this enlightened canine may just have discovered the key.

Against a backdrop of swirling incense and solemn chanting, the one-and-a-half-year-old, black-and-white Chihuahua cuts a cheerfully unlikely figure, as he loyally mimics his proud master during morning prayers at the Shuri Kannondo temple in southern Japan.

Of course the chihuahua is mimicking his master. How else to get at the chalupa under his master’s robe?

Conan, originally a temple pet, rises without prompting before his morning and evening meals to go through his prayer routine at the temple in Naha, capital of Okinawa. When his master chants his prayers, known as “sutras”, Conan raises his paws and joins them at the tip of his nose.

When asked the secret of the dog’s devotion, Yoshikuni reveals: “Clasping hands is a basic action of Buddhist prayer to show appreciation. He may be showing his thanks for treats and walks.”

Of course he’s thankful. The Buddhist big guy is truly that…a big, chubby guy. Conan knows Bhudda has treats all over the place and readily available to be eaten; chicken in his begging bowl, ice cream in his singing bowl, and cookie crumbs on his chest. I guarantee you that’s why he’s appreciative.

Well that and the fact that he’s not chanting Halla Ahkbar with a bomb strapped to his back.

However, it may be a step too far to credit the spiritual canine with genuine religious sensibilities. “Basically, I am just trying to get him to sit still while I meditate,” he says, adding: “It’s not like we can make him cross his legs.”

Unless, that is, they short change him on his bathroom breaks.


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