Headless Dog Found In Topless Bar

I’ve Lost My HeadI haven’t been happy with the sound my stereo has been putting out for quite some time now; plus it’s a bitch to turn on. The sound was as if I was listening to my old vinyl records…not the 33 LPs but my 78s…on Edison’s original phonograph.

I went online and did my research for a stereo that was easily switched on by a tail. Once found, all I needed was a set of speakers to reproduce highs well outside of human hearing range. Well lookie what I found.

This is functional kitsch; the wrong becomes the new right. By adding a function to an otherwise grotesque object, it acquires new aesthetic values, becoming an object of desire.Friends Listening Outside

Pun intended, this woofer holds the mids between an addition to your sound system and your loyal 4 footed companion.
It’s engineered by a professional audio studio, and sounds remarkably well, compared to your everyday speakersystem!

Only available in a co-axial two way speaker system version [two dogs].

Sure these babies would look better if they were headless cats, but then the demand would outstrip the supply and you’d have no chance of getting these for a mere $999. Grotesque maybe, but they sound oh so sweet.

Two big paws up – highly recommended.


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