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Just place in a glass of water and watch the laughsBrushing is not enough. Don’t believe me? Just ask your dentist. He’ll tell you flossing is just as important. Canines are well versed in the art of mouth cleanliness. How else to explain our ability to lick our ass and still have less germs in our mouths than a human’s? Cats on the other hand are all about cleaning their coat but not their teeth. That’s what prompted the development of a new company called Animal Solutions.

FANGS a lot – a group of Sheffield College students are helping to keep kitties content after developing the first ever range of false teeth for cats.
Seventeen-year-old Rachel Gilbert is one of eight animal care students who have come with help for unfortunate felines who have to have their damaged gnashers removed.

Rachel and her team have set up their own business Animal Solutions, and are hoping to make a mint out of their very particular product.

One of 17 finalists from colleges and universities across the country, Rachel will have two minutes to sell her ideas to a tough team of judges.

Rachel, studying for a diploma in animal management, said the product could help out dogs as well as cats.

I guess I could see a dog needing false teeth if it inadvertently picked up a rock that was too big, or chewed too many aluminum cans, or picked up my father’s underwear without a mouthguard. Regardless, it’s cats that have poor dental hygiene and the main target for this product.

“When animals suffer broken or rotten teeth, they have had to be removed,” she said. “The gum can become infected and they find it difficult to chew food. We aim to reduce animals’ suffering and improve their quality of life.

“We’ve carried out some research on whether the false teeth would be viable, and spoken to vets and business people who love the idea.”

The team approached Castle College’s dental technology department who made a mould for a cat with a broken canine – and then a prototype false tooth was created.Can't Even Tell They're Fake Teeth

Why stop at false teeth…Maybe they can make a prototype of a cat’s head and replace the real one with it.

“We are now looking at how Animal Solutions could be developed further, for example whether it could be extended to different animals such as sheep.

Maybe we should focus our efforts on the shepherds first.


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  1. Ferox on April 19th, 2008 7:07 pm

    Actually, it is a really good idea for both dogs and cats. You see, both species need their teeth, not so much for eating, but to keep their tongue actually in their mouth. Without their teeth, the tongue flops out all over the place. It’s funny to watch, but not so nice for the animal.

    Cats also tollerate pain in their mouths less well than dogs do, and it’s harder to get cats to chew a nice bone or chicken wing. Although dogs are more likely to damage their teeth by chewing something silly.

  2. Bo on April 21st, 2008 9:44 am

    Ferox…thanks for the informative post, your brain must be very large. Clearly you’re a dog, not a cat.

    And they said this blog wasn’t educational!!


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