$4 for the first 1/4 mileI admit it, I’m a TV junkie. When I saw this bed on sale at PawPalaceOnline, it brought me back to a time I used to sit and watch reruns of Taxi. My mother had a huge crush on Tony Danza. To this day I hear my father saying, “Who’s the boss?” when they’re behind closed doors. So I guess I’m not the only one with fond memories of this sitcom.

One of my favorite characters, of the human variety, was Louis DePalma. His no nonsense style is how I would handle myself if I were human. Now I can relive those days by buying a fleet of these plush beds. I can make believe I’m Alex Rieger or Tony Banta or even Jim Ignatowski. As a bonus, if I ever accidentally pee or poop in one, I’ll just have Latka come and clean it up for me.


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